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Study in Canada

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   1 . Hansa : Toronto , Canada
   2 . IALC : Toronto
   3 . International House Toronto
   4 . LINGUABIZ : Toronto , ON , M5B 1J3 , Canada
   5 . Bodwell School : North Vancouver BC V7P 3S4 , Canada
   6 . Canaglobe TESOL Centre : Vancouver , B.C. V6Z 2R4
   7 . Fieldstone School : Toronto , ON M6B 3T4
   8 . Anderson Nationa College : Vancouver , BC , V6B 5E7 , Canada
   9 . Van West College : Vancouver , B.C. Canada
 10 . Cambridge International College of Canada : Toronto , Ontario , Canada
  11 . FIC ( Fraser International College ) : Vancouver , BC , Canada
    1 . Simon Fraser
         Vancouver , B.C , Canada
    2 . Cariboo University
         Kamloops , B.C , Canada
     * Please contact N & U office to get more information from institutions and the Consulate requirements for each specific case .
III . Simon Fraser University ( SFU ) and Fraser International College ( FIC ) in Vancouver :
Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities of Canada , where it has been voted one of the ideal city to live in the world in 2010.
Located in the Pacific coast province of British Columbia , two adjacent cities of Seattle and San Francisco U.S. , Vancouver is the third largest city and is also the important port of Canada . The port city has many beautiful scenes like white sand beaches , vast primeval forest and lush green lawns . In winter , this place is paradise with fun sports like skiing , hiking ...
Simon Fraser University ( SFU ) was founded in 1965 has 3 branches in Burnaby , Vancouver and Surrey are in the state of British Columbia , Canada . The university has over 28,000 students currently enrolled , of which about 10 % international students . Currently , the sector provides about 100 undergraduate and 45 postgraduate sector . SFU also been voted as one of three leading universities synthesis in Canada in 20 years, according to Maclean 's Magazine 2009 .
Fraser International College ( FIC ) is distributed training institutes transition of Simon Fraser University , located on the campus of SFU in Burnaby branch is situated 30 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver . The school's programs are specifically designed to help students learn better programs in the university environment with small classes , the university professor and care guide dedicated to each individual student member . FIC provides links to SFU transition pathways to bachelor of business administration , computer science , art and social science of his freshman year :
Program 2 -year Associate of Arts to create a solid foundation to learn to University next 2 years . These trades are forwarding industry include the following :
Civil Service
Corporate Communications
Interpreter ( Translation )
Mass Communication ( Mass Media )
Media Specialist
Public Relations ( Public Relations )
Sales Management
IV.TRUONG INTERNATIONALCOLLEGE OF MANITOBA - to contact the University of Manitoba
1 . ABOUT MANITOBA features
Manitoba 649 950 square kilometers wide , with a population of 1,213,815 with more than half located in Winnipeg capital region ( which has a total population of 730 305 ) . Winnipeg - the largest city and the capital of Manitoba as well as urban areas, the 8th largest in Western Canada and is the second largest municipality in Canada 7 .
 Manitoba is not deep and remote areas of Ontario and Canada that borders the economy stable , low cost , infrastructure development , security high life not inferior to other provinces of Canada .
 Because of the central location in continental North America should reach Manitoba has a tropical climate , the average temperature is about 26 degrees C in the summer ( from May 6 to August ) , and -12 degrees C in winter ( from November to March 03 ) . Province of Manitoba is also a lot of sunshine , according to the Ministry of Environment Canada , Manitoba ranked first for clean climate most of the year . Manitoba also ranked second because most of the fresh weather in summer and is the sunniest province in the winter and spring . Portage la steppe many sunny days in warm months in Canada , and Winnipeg was second because most healthy climate all year round and is the 2nd sunniest city in Canada in spring and winter .
Transportation and cargo arrangements have contributed approximately U.S. $ 2.2 billion in GDP (gross domestic income ) of Manitoba . Total employment in this industry was about 34,500 . Manitoba has a completely separate rail , air, road and sea transport industry for its transport .
International Airport Winnipeg is one of the few airports not limited to 24 hours in Canada and is part of a system of international airports . It has a large passenger and cargo services and has served more than 3.5 million visitors in 2007 , exceeding the maximum ability to control the station 's current 600,000 . [ 81 ] The airport management is approximately 195,000 tons of cargo annually , making it ranked 3rd largest country . Currently the airport is being rebuilt largely with new stations , and luxury hotels . New bus station and paper mail Factory Canada - are leaving from downtown - will be located in areas of the airport grounds .
 Manitoba 's economy relies heavily on tourism , energy , agriculture , oil , minerals , mining , forestry and many more
There are five universities in Manitoba , under the responsibility of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Literacy . 4 In which university is the University of Manitoba , Collège Universitaire de Saint - Boniface , Canadian Mennonite University and the University of Winnipeg - were in Winnipeg .
Manitoba has 38 public libraries , 12 of which have French collector significantly and there are 8 other library collection also significant in other languages ​​. 21 of these are part of the public library system of Winnipeg . Library Lending first home in Manitoba was founded in 1848 .
 City of Winnipeg Manitoba is the seventh largest city in Canada located between Toronto and Vancouver , the multicultural city of 750,000 people with many tourist activities , culture and traditional arts .
 2 . Features INTERNATIONALCOLLEGE SCHOOL OF MANITOBA - to contact the University of Manitoba
International College MANITOBA ( ICM ) . International College of Manitoba ( ICM ) is very much known to students as a modern educational institution and dynamic training campuses are international students of the University of Manitoba , located on the campus of the University the city of Manitoba Winnipeg , capital of Manitoba , western Canada . ICM helps international students from humble beginnings to integrate well with the learning environment at the University of Manitoba to provide suitable courses , care and support thoughtful student , achieving a success rate of over 90 % .
With a team of highly qualified teachers , modern equipment and the best support services , students will be living in an ideal learning environment . School is proud to show the transition from college to university of Manitoba , students of the school curriculum , teachers and equipment of leading Canadian universities .
- ICM is located right on the campus of the University of Manitoba and students all used equipment such as computer rooms , laboratories or in school dormitories , including health care and job counseling made .
- The session at ICM are performed by qualified instructors , most of whom are faculty members at the University of Manitoba .
- The curriculum is designed by ICM quite flexible with 3 annual enrollment period is February , May and July . Small classes average 30 students per class and a longer school day to help students develop knowledge and comprehension easier .
- ICM is located in downtown Winnipeg , a city clean and safe with a moderate cost of living . This is the ideal place for international students to study and explore the beautiful country of Canada .
Tuition : English: C $ 3.500 / semester
1 year undergraduate program : C $ 12.150 / lock .
University of Manitoba was founded in 1877 and headquartered in the city of Winnipeg , this is the first university in Western Canada . The university has over 27,000 students and is among about 2,000 international students from 90 different countries around the world . University of Manitoba, Canada ranks 3rd and 84th in the world for the CEO provides Fortune 500 companies . Business in the top 5 , and medical engineering in the top 10 of Canada . The university has many students achieve Rhode Scholars Scholarship to study at Masters level to Oxford , Yale or Harvard .
The quality of education , teachers and students have been recognized worldwide . International College of Manitoba ( ICM ) and the University of Manitoba have been linked closely to ensure students have access to the curriculum , teachers as well as the best equipment of the school.

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