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N & U is a consulting company specializing in study abroad in Vietnam .
With the permission of the Department of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Education and Training , N & U is active and is one of the most prestigious companies , best quality of study in Vietnam . The percentage of students get visas to come to Australia , USA, UK , Canada and New Zealand at N & U exceeds 95 % . N & U represent the quality of teaching high degree of value, course diversity of Australia , USA, UK , Canada and New Zealand , from the ranks from high school to professional College apprenticeship , University , Masters and PhD levels .
With understanding and accurate information coupled with dedicated guidance in consulting , N & U is the place you can trust to start a career education for their children from school choice , choose fields of study accordingly, the necessary paperwork for the visa , arrange transportation , accommodation for students, when students enter the school.
N & U proud that over the years has helped many students, students studying in the said country . They have promoted the intellectual abilities of their learning and achieve the performance is excellent for contributing to the reputation of N & U in the heart of the Parents as well as schools where the children have been learning episode .

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Famous school:

  • Curtin College
  • CQ
  • Bond
  • Heimes
  • Greffith
  • Deakin
  • Finders
  • ECU
  • Murdoch
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Latrobe University
  • Victoria University
  • BoxHill Institute
  • University of Western Sydney
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Tư vấn Visa
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Tư vấn hồ sơ
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